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Barry Welch Testimony

Until the age of 28, I was as staunch an atheist as you can imagine. I saw religion as the cause of the world’s biggest problems and faith as nothing more than wishful thinking. Then I began working with a woman who was a churchgoer and amazed me by being seemingly normal, apart from her commitment to her church and faith. We were waiting for a new building project to start and had lots of time to just chat all day. We spoke a lot about her beliefs and she challenged me to read some scripture and see if I felt the same afterwards. I took up the challenge and expected to feel strengthened in my unbelief. I read Matthew’s gospel – nothing impressed me. I read Mark’s gospel – same thing. I was reading Luke and equally unimpressed until I got to Luke 4:14-21, a passage that grabbed my attention.

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Testimony by Suzie Sale

I have always believed in Jesus but had never really understood "the Cross", until about the end of 2001. After hearing the Gospel message on the TBN channel, my eyes were opened and I finally "got it". I realised that Jesus' death on the cross was the price he was willing to pay for all my sins, because of his love for me, so I prayed for Jesus to forgive my sins and come into my life.

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